The EU implements a new communications strategy against Eurosceptics

The European Union prides itself on being a political entity based on soft power. A bloc that is able to foster its agenda through diplomacy and dialogue. However, its structure led to a time-consuming decision making. As a result, many Eurosceptics take advantage of its flaws to promote misleading ideas on Europe. Such reality can easily harm long-term strategies in the region.

Under the aegis of Jean-Claude Juncker the EU decided to strike back. Last week the Special Advisor to the EU Commission President, Luc Van den Brande, made publicly available a report entitled “Reaching out to EU Citizens – Seizing the Opportunity”. The document compiles recommendations to the EU with regards to its communication strategy. The goal is to re-engage with the average European citizen.

Among the suggestions, merging both presidencies of the EU Commission and EU Council and, also, a more assertive communications strategy for social media. According to the text, social networks shall be used as a tool “to empower citizens to express themselves directly”.

This 2.0 approach is taken to the next level thanks to the engagement of celebrities and leaders from different sectors, from actors to athletes.

The EU is in fact acknowledging its shortcomings that recently led to the Brexit. It’s times to fight back with an adequate language, leaving the euro-jargon aside to connect easily with young generations. Professionals in the communications sector must have new business opportunities in Brussels.


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