Takeaways from Davos 2018


The World Economic Forum of 2018 was marked by many interesting conferences and quotes. Leaders of the private sector have learned to live with the current tenant of the White House, thanks to his tax reforms that helped to repatriate funds to the US economy. The main opponent against Donald Trump was billionaire George Soros who made clear that he would like to see a different President in Washington as soon as possible.

The US president attended the event and while meeting with Prime Minister May, Trump ushered his counterpart to not negotiate a Brexit deal with the EU. Mr. Trump stated that his idea of America first does not mean that America should be alone.

European leaders also played an assertive role during this year’s forum. Chancellor Angela Merkel displayed an image of stability, making clear that her country would always seek multilateralism to identify solutions for the ongoing challenges. According to Mrs. Merkel shutting ourselves to the world is not the best answer.

French President Emmanuel Macron, on the other hand, displayed himself as a dynamic young leader. Macron, who was a former businessman himself, promised to bring new investments and job creation to his country. However, he stated that this new push will take the environment into account. This way he intends to address climate change.

Among leaders of the private sector we would like to highlight the interview given by Jack Ma, according to him great management is entwined with the 3Qs. See the video below:



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