Over 2 million Facebook users affected in Europe by recent scandal


Data became the modern gold. While it will help to create the next generation of devices and robots, the misuse of personal information can be harmful to the society and its citizens in many ways. Recently it was unveiled that Cambridge Analytica succeeded to harvest data from at least 50 million Facebook users. The crisis was taken to the next level last week when Facebook announced that the actual figure could be 87 million.

Christopher Wylie, the former employee of Cambridge Analytica and whistle-blower, believes that the number if profiles accessed by his former employer could easily exceed that figure. It should be noted that the company in question provided services to Donald Trump’s campaign.

The imbroglio put in the spotlight Facebook’s CEO. Mark Zuckerberg is expected to attend a hearing in Washington to explain how his famous social media failed to prevent such data breach. The tech company is implementing a very good PR strategy, few interviews led by its CEO, and portraying these hearings as an opportunity to right the wrongs, enabling the government to do what it has to.

It is too early to tell the consequences on this side of the Atlantic. Friday, EU justice chief Vĕra Jourová made publicly available the fact that Cambridge Analytica harvested data from 2.7 million Facebook users in the continent.

According to Facebook, Cambridge Analytica would have harvest data from 1,079,031 in the UK; 309,815 users in Germany; 214,134 users in Italy; 211,667 users in France. It is estimated that 136,985 users were affected in Spain while 112,421 in Romania.

See the list below for other EU countries:

-Austria, 33,568;
-Belgium: 60,957;
-Bulgaria, 35,718;
-Croatia, 21,517;
-Cyprus, 7,455;
-Czech Republic, 29,376,
-Denmark, 41,820;
-Estonia, 5,510;
-Finland, 19,693,
-Greece: 59,480;
-Hungary, 32,067;
-Ireland, 44,702;
-Latvia, 4,757,
-Lithuania, 15,123;
-Luxembourg, 2,645.
-Malta, 6,011;
-Netherlands: 89,373;
-Poland, 57,138;
-Portugal 63,080;
-Slovakia, 14,846,
-Slovenia, 11,255; and
-Sweden, 55,337.


Facebook announced changes in its privacy rules, but more might need to be done to re-establish confidence among the company’s stakeholders, users, and stock market investors.

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