Italy will implement origin labeling for rice and pasta

Italia is taking traceability to the next level. Last week Rome approved a new regulation demanding food good producers to inform the origin of their products in their labels. The measure is going to affect notably companies that market pasta and rice. This policy should also facilitate the protection of local producers.

The new rule was signed by ministers of agriculture and industry. Both stated that the lack of a similar law at European level led them to take the lead regarding the matter.

In the country of pasta and risotto, the measure will help to protect Italian farmers. The nation is responsible for producing 140 different varieties of rice. For this purpose, over 234,000 hectares are fully dedicated to this culture. It is estimated that more than 4,265 enterprises are involved in the supply chain.

The same measure will apply to the pasta. The manufacturers will have to state the origin of the wheat used in their production lines.

Such policy aims to boost the “made in Italy” brand, giving the average consumer the option of buying local products in detriment of foreign food goods.  While this decree might affect imports from Asian countries, Canada was the first nation to raise concerns. The Canadian government will be analyzing the impact of this regulation on its nation’s exports, especially because the American country signed a trade agreement with the European Union.



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