Erdogan’s visit to France

French President Emmanuel Macron met his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan in Paris last week. The talks led to businesses between both nations. However, no progress was made regarding the country’s candidacy to join the European Union.

Although there was no shaming and laming, the Turkish bid lost momentum due to the attempt of a coup against Mr. Erdogan in 2016. The episode was followed by purges in the government. Many citizens were deprived of a fair trial and liberties had been restricted for those who wish to speak out.

The heads of State made reference to a partnership, which in practice is a downgrade with regards to a full membership. Mr. Erdogan reiterated his stance by saying that his country will not wait forever. At some point, Turkey might turn its back to Europe.

The visit was also marked by the signature of an accord between Turkish Airlines and Airbus, the carrier intends to buy at least 25 A350-900s. The announcement is a good news for the European manufacturer that has its civil aviation division in Toulouse.


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